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. in the competitive global market, u.s. companies are at a significant disadvantage versus non-u.s. companies benefits from lower tax rates in their countries. 39% here, 25% else elsewhere. when a u.s. companiments to grow outside the country, we're way behind before we even get started. in addition to the high tax rate, the u.s. tax worldwide earnings and most developed countries don't tax companies in a similar manner. under the current u.s. system, all income is subject to u.s. tax creating an incentive for companies to leave the cash outside the u.s.. if we were able to freely bring our foreign income back home to the u.s., we'd have the freedom to invest earnings in product development, new capital spending, or return them to the shareholders who can invest in the u.s. economy. outside the u.s. is most likely invested overseas creating foreign rather than american jobs. this causes the nument nationals to delay to bring their earnings back home. rather than restrict the free flowing capital, we need to deploy capital supporting the needs of businesses and creating jobs. third, we need a simplify
the tariffs, creating new opportunities. it is in agreement that will mean jobs and new opportunities for u.s. companies and partnership with korean cos. >> you mentioned jobs, and that is a huge sticking point. our country is hurting right now. in agreement with other countries, jobs will go overseas. how you handle that? >> here is the back. 95 percent of the consumers live outside the united states. american companies need to tap those consumers and send them u.s. products. we have to find ways to encourage that kind of trade. agreements that give us access to consumers outside of the united states are beneficial for creating jobs back here in the u.s. i look at all of the free trade agreements that have been negotiated and the ones that are pending approval as ways to stimulate job growth. there have been studies done, and there are estimates, but the conservative estimates, and president obama himself i use that number is that the agreement could generate 75,000 new jobs. those are the kinds of numbers you want to be generating. that is a conservative estimate. this agreement, i know, wi
. and we have with us today diane oshima, an old friend. diane used to work for the planning department in environmental review, right? >> that's right. >> you're now -- good memory. i have close relations with the planning department. >> true. >> very close. >> yes. >> my wife retired from the planning department. [laughter] >> and diane is now deputy director for planning -- waterfront planning at the port. so she knows what's happening now and a lot of the history. and chris verplank san architectural historian who knows a whole lot of history about the waterfront. he and i drove some portions of it the other day and took some slides we're going to used to as our spring board for discussion. we invite you all just to share your questions. we'll give you the microphone and speak into the microphone. i thought what we could do is start by taking a look at a few pictures of what san francisco looked like historically so we have some reference to compare the waterfront over the years. san francisco started as a port city. that's why we're here. this was an ideal place for people to estab
. >> several of the communications and scott -- top cyber security analysts look at threats against the u.s. and what they suggest to strengthen u.s. systems. this is the final segment in a month-long series on cyber security. >> this is week for in our look on cyber security and cyber threats that face the west. -- the u.s. we invite our experts. james lewis, the director of the technology and public policy programs also were on the recent cyber security report. also joining us is catherine, the director of the cyber security project at georgetown university. she served at the cia and work on the foreign intelligence advisory board during the george w. bush administration. the founder and research director of the institute that teaches several security training and also an adviser to both president clinton and president bush at different levels. we appreciate it. we will start with you. how will you assess the cyber security threats currently facing the u.s.? are we doing enough to confront them? >> they are explosive, expansive, they are getting larger and more sophisticated. because the
>>> coming up, drones are a key tool in the u.s. military's arsenal. but is it moral to use them? >>> and a promising africa success story the fledgling democracy of ghana. >> i wish i could say we've reached the promised land. we are quite close to it. >>> major funding for "religion & ethics newsweekly" is provided by the lily endowment, an indianapolis-based private family foundation dedicated to its founders' interest in religion, community development, and education. additional funding by mutual of america, designing and customizing individual and group retirement products. that's why we're your retirement company. the estate of william j. carter& and the corporation for public broadcasting. >>> welcome. i'm fred de sam lazaro, sitting in for bob abernethy. as one pastor put it, this is a king among presidents. a memorial to the reverend martin luther king jr. was unveiled in washington this week, the first individual who's not a president to receive such a tribute on the national mall. a 30-foot statue lies at the heart of the granite monument that displays words from king'
-- >> ideally. if you're running your wires in a raceway or an armored cable that uses ferrous metal, that protects those conductors against these radio frequencies much better than nonmetallic cable. that would be another strategy. and then if you're in a commercial installation where it is really, really important, you put in isolation transformers adjacent to the equipment. that's the most expensive solution but the best solution is to actually put an isolation device right at your equipment. they also have filters that you can buy, but that's a commercial-grade installation. residentially, a dedicated circuit, try to separate it from other wiring to the extent possible. >> anything you might want to add to that? >> yes, they're called a clean circuit. you use the m.c. cable or 12-three, 12-2, the whole circuit. the computer or the microwave. >> so if you can probably do it, it sounds like putting in some kind of metal conduit-clad cable or something that will really reduce the interference. read for me what all these little things mean here. let's tip it up a little bit. >> prior
. the unemployment rate is hovers around 9%, 14% of americans live in poverty including more than one-fifth of all u.s. children. many were unemployed have been searching for work for more than a year. these americans need a job, and the certainty that comes with going to work every day. in this environment, the business community has an opportunity and an obligation to help get americans back to work. businesses need to step up to the plate by having good paying jobs. this means not waiting for demand to fully recover, but giving americans a chance including the long-term unemployed. we want to make sure our tax code supports efforts to create jobs. our ultimate goal is not simply economic growth for growth's sake or profit the for business owners alone, but job creation cannot occur without this growth. we know the american businesses face obstacles of achieving growth. the economy is slowly recovering from the most significant recession since the great depression. consumers are saving more, spending less, banks are cautious in lending practices; at the same time, competition is tougher and increasi
mental priorities. we are honored to be partnering with chrysler and the u.s. department of energy to push forward with yet another dimension of electric transportation. but first, without further ado, i would like to introduce chrysler's senior manager to tell you more about the program and to make a special presentation to mayor lee. >> good afternoon, everybody. thank you for the warm welcome, mr. mayor. beautiful weather, beautiful city. on behalf of chrysler, i am proud to present the mayor and the city of san francisco with the supply and hybrid trucks. these trucks are part of a grant received from the department of energy to demonstrate technology and further enhance the ability of engineering organizations to implement this technology and future applications to be a part of the green energy that chrysler and bodies and to support the recently announced fuel economy rolling. we are proud to be in partnership with the mayor, and we are looking forward to work with your team over the next few years to demonstrate the technology and to learn from how they will dry data and fur
to buy bottled water. you can use the same fountain. you can fill the bottled water with have water and put it in. >> there may be a particular issue with plumbing in a few schools that we are addressing as they are modernized, and once that happens we will be able to use the tap water, because the plumbing will have been modernized. that is a small number. i think we all enjoy it, so we will do our best to make sure that is what we are drinking a curator >> -- we are drinking. >> are there some schools but would need some modifications that are not in our bond measure? >> as we go through the process, and we are looking for a way to be able to include that and in the schools that would be on the 2011 bond, each individual school outside of the group will have to be assessed to see if there is a water fountain already in the cafeteria. in some schools there may already, and it may be a matter of making short is -- making sure it is suitable size is. -- as is. we will not know until we have a full assessment. >> any other questions? >> the bottled water mentioned, does that include a
impressed us with their candor and friendliness. it would be a mistake to underestimate the authoritarian government and their grip on modern china and even for us. minor flareups emerged at some surprising moments. i will share two of those experiences. this all begins in just a moment. >> every community has a marvelous the king boulevard. this is the cornerstone we all known. this is not just the street or a boulevard where wal-mart stands to get there with your community to make everyday better. >> nationwide insurance supports tavis smiley. with every question and answer, nationwide insurance is happy to help tavis improve financial literacy and remove obstacles to economic empowerment one conversation at a time. nationwide is on your side. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. [captioning made possible by kcet public television] tavis: this is tiananmen square. the protest is largely unknown -- unknown to most chinese. today, the square is a major tourist attraction. we had permission to bring our cameras into the square but at the very last m
>>> i'm zain verjee at cnn london. here are the headlines that hour. u.s. and congressional leaders have struck a bipartisan debt 'agreement. it races the debt ceiling immediately and cuts spending by $1 trillion over ten years. more reductions are set for later this year. the compromise heads to the senate and the house of representatives for consideration but its not guaranteed to pass. more on this story in a moment on "world business today." >>> human rights groups are warning that they were struck on monday. troops were sent to hama on sunday to report on terrorist groups. by day's end activists say at least 71 civilians have been killed in hama, the site of huge anti-government protests. >>> on monday is the beginning of ramadan. it's usually the time of good will and muslims fast to show devotion but it's usually high attendance at mosques and many of the anti-government protests have begun after prayers. >>> the former prime minister mubarak's trial has been moved to wednesday. the once untouchable mubarak could face the death penalty for his alleged role in the killings of
the reducing toxics in san francisco, whether it is becoming the electric vehicle capital of the u.s., this is where green innovation happens. and we practice what we preach in san francisco. every city of san francisco's department is required to develop a department action plan annually, which inventory their own emissions and sets common action targets for the department. this process engages departments that do not typically considered themselves and are mentally focused and effectively makes the link between in one of the responsibility and the financial bottom line the efficiency. requiring each city department to be responsible for the carbon footprint helps integrate the city's climate work into all levels of organizational functioning and incentivizes all employees to participate in this process. the program that we are going to announce today will help make our individual departments sweet -- more sustainable and help us meet the goals from our climate action plans. additionally, plugging hybrid technology and its electric vehicles represent a good start towards achieving t
bottom line." and chrystia freeland is an editor at thompson reuters digital. ken, tell us what this means. s&p said it may downgrade the u.s. and it did it. it took us from aaa to aa-plus. what does that mean? >> well, it's a huge thing. this hasn't happened in the history of the united states. we have defaulted maybe in 1933. but since they started having the rating agencies, this hasn't happened and it's pretty shocking. my concern is not so much the professional investors but what about the man on the street? are they going to panic about this? is there going to be a broader effect that we don't expect? >> what do you think about that? what do you think? it's hard to make that connection. it's hard to tell people who are watching us right now that your credit card rates are definitely going up or your mortgage rates are definitely going up. we're not entirely certain what's going to happen, are we? >> no, absolutely not. right now with what's happening with the stock market, aa-plus looks pretty good. people still want to be in treasuries. i don't think they're going to nece
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm shery ahn. the dollar hits a record low of u.s. and credit worries in europe. the lowest it had ever been previously was 76.25 yen after the march 11 disaster that hit japan. market sources say one factor behind the dollar -- may have to launch monetary measures. for insight on the impact of the weakening dollar on the u.s. economy, we spoke with chief economist at jp morgan chase bank. >> the u.s. is the economy which is at most risk of going into recession right now. japan is in a process of rebounding after the disasters that hit it earlier this year. and we do think that the u.s. is suffering in terms of its performance in asset markets and portfolio flows as a result of the disappointing news that the u.s. might fall into recession. in the context of the move in the currency, we do believe a fall in the dollar's value is an encouraging sign providing some cushioning against the weak ness in the economy. we also believe that the weaker dollar while it is helping to add some inflation pressure in the system is not going to deter the fed fr
stuff. complicated stuff. what could this possibly be used for? we have with us today, david green, senior electrical inspector who is a good friend of mine and a well-known sailor on the san francisco bay. you're going to sail this saturday. and mr. lloyd and mrs. lloyd. thanks for letting us come in here. really appreciate it. you're an electrical contractor, too. right? >> i'm electrical for 26 years. we do lots of big projects. we dot lots of industrial and commercial and residential. >> so you have to get a california special license. you have to be a special licensee to do electrical what is that license? >> yes. i have a c-10 licen and b license. >> b is a general contractor's license. >> yes. more interesting for me, i do a lot of c-10 for electrical. >> about three, four years ago you opened up a supply house. >> we opened e & e electric for around five years. >> you don't have so many guys out on the field any more. >> no more. i just have a lot of contractors. they come in for a lot of questions about national code. so if i understand, i tell them whatever i know. my kno
meeting at 9:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. this is live coming to us. shocking scenes there unfolding as we see a huge blaze where firefighters are struggling to contain the area. we're just going to try and get confirmation of what we are looking at in terms of what actually is alight there in terms of the building. but there is in buckinghamshire. we don't know the circumstances surrounding this blaze, but this to me clearly appears to be the largest blaze so far that has unfolded within the last three days of the disturbances that have been taking place. we understand that it could in fact be a supermarket depot that is alight there, a major supermarket, industrial unit perhaps in parts. we are working very hard to get confirmation on that for you. but these are live pictures coming to us. i can now confirm that it is a supermarket that is currently alight with some 750 people that actually work in that supermarket unit there. it's unclear at this stage as ho how much of what we have been seeing in the capital and in other parts of the u.k. is linked to this blaze that has taken place. j
are not used to having cars anymore. they sometimes use a car and go to a car sharing club or something. it is socially acceptable to cycle. 30, 40 years ago, you would maybe be seen as a loser if he came on a bicycle, -- if you came on a bicycle, but now it is for everybody. everyone is cycling. it is not, the former generation in the 60's, denmark, they could afford to buy a car and they really enjoyed it. they wanted to show it, and all trips they made or made by cars, the the new generation has a completely different view. >> i already gave my answer during my presentation. it is everything, especially if it is business or businessmen, it is money driven. show it is comparative in cost or it is less cost for business. because if you show that, there is a discussion. >> let me ask before i go to the next question, what in your experience the you believe was the most influential and excepting the different stages of the car and its role in the city? i am sure over 40 years, your attitudes toward the automobile have changed. what do you believe was the most important influence? was it
in time. >> each day using meaningful beauty, i feel younger and younger. the pores are going away. the fine lines are disappearing even more, to where i don't notice them at all. >> you look at your before and afters. you're like, "holy cow, who does this? who looks younger four years later?" >> meaningful beauty has gone quickly from secret to buzz. beauty editors from new york to paris can't stop talking about cindy crawford's miracle in a bottle, and they're not the only ones. >> ( applause ) >> i'll wake up in the morning and i have these "wow" mornings where i just, "wow, my skin looks really great!" >> since i've been using meaningful beauty for three years i've noticed a tightness in my skin. i feel it's lifted, it's firmer and just more radiant. >> just knowing that real women are using meaningful beauty and that it actually is making a difference in their lives. it's giving them confidence; it's changing the way they feel about their skin. i love that. >> coming up, join me together with a wonderful live audience, as cindy shares the magic that's kept her skin looking so
. i'm zain verjee at cnn in london. here are the top stories this hour. the u.s. senate is set to vote on a bipartisan bill to end the debt crisis. they approved the measure e on monday. it calls for $2.4 trillion in spending cuts over the next ten years and the debt ceiling will be raised by nearly the same amount. full coverage just ahead on "world business today." >>> congresswoman gabby giffords got a standing ovation when she returned to the u.s. house. this was her first house since she was shot in the head in january. she had to be here to support the debt bill. she'll go back to houston soon to continue her recovery. >>> there was more violence monday in syria. the human rights activists said more than 24 people were killed by security forces demonstrating in the street and more than 150 people have been detained since ramadan prayers ended monday night. they're targeting what ittet calls around terrorist groups. >>> the operation of japan's crippled nuclear power plant says it has measured lethal levels of radiation in spots between reactors 1 and 2. they're shutting down the
presidents of our country's year before last year. we very much like to use this mechanism to strengthen our established relationship between the sports circle and also people in general, and we want to make good use of the experience and resources of both sides to further develop the areas of the sports industry. while this is a very good moment for us to strengthen our cooperation for the means of the mechanism for people to people exchange, and i would like to emphasize especially the importance of the cooperation in a circle for sports and also the necessity of broadening the cooperation between the two countries. >> [speaking chinese] >> to honor our visit this afternoon to san francisco, we made a very special gift that we would like to present to the mayor of san francisco. [applause] >> thank you very much. i would like to introduce the council general, who has been very much help to us during this visit. welcome. [applause] >> good afternoon, everyone. first of all, i wish to express my heartfelt thanks to mayor edwin lee. i know you are very busy. you are the busiest man in the cit
hope that you have learned more about ranked-choice voting and who is elected using this method. you have seen the ranked-choice ballot, learned how to correctly mark it, and learned how the ranked-choice voting process works. if you have any further questions about ranked-choice voting, please contact us at: department of elections, city hall, room 48, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, san francisco, california 94102. call us at: 415-554-4375. visit our web site at: >> welcome to the department of building inspection brown bag lunch. today we have an extremely special event. we are here at paige glass on mission street in san francisco with mr. ken paige. ken paige has generously invited us into his glass shop and gallery. and the paige glass goes back a long, long time, right? to preearthquake, whichever earthquake -- >> all of them. they're all good. >> when did paige glass start? >> the big one, 1906. >> this happened afs in your family, was paige glass back then? >> well, the 1906 was a very important year, of course, for san francisco, needless to say. the bad news was the deat
by the california attorney general. the public trust doctrine is basically a doctrine of uses that are supported by public trust lands. generally limited to those uses that are water-related or dependent. such as commerce fisheries and navigation, environment of preservation and recreation, habitat wildlife refuges, or open space, and then uses the promote public trust uses or accommodate the public uses of public land. we hold these lands not just for the people of the city and county of san francisco, but for the people of the state. one of the uses that this permit is visitor uses. this would be hotel, restaurant uses. people around the state could come to san francisco and enjoy the lands that we hold in trust for them. a bit of background about pier 70. a 60-acre site. it has been in continuous use for ship repair and shipbuilding for 150 years. portions of the site have. not many people know that the federal government owned this site until 1967. it was a base closure before the concept of base closures. port staff undertook a several years long master planning process with the vision to c
have been u.s. citizens since 1917, even though it is not a state. >> puerto rico is a territory of the united states. we are american citizens by birth, yet we cannot vote for the president and do not have a full congressional delegation. >> they do have pedro pierluisi, the resident commissioner for puerto rico. he's elected to represent the territory in the u.s. house of representatives. and he has an office in the longworth house office building, which is right across the street from the u.s. capitol. while commissioner pierluisi cannot vote on final passage of bills, he can work behind the scenes. for example, on committees. and he's using that influence to promote statehood for his people. >> we're part of this nation, we have been part of this nation for over a century and we want to contribute the same way that others do up here. >> in fact, with almost 4 million residents, puerto rico has a bigger population than that of 24 u.s. states. including oregon, oklahoma and connecticut. statehood means congress would have to add some members, two in the senate and at least seve
' proposals. the euro fell as did the u.s. stock market. from paris, our europe editor reports. >> the two key leaders of the euro zone met in paris today knowing they needed to restore confidence in their ability to fix europe's debt crisis. but the day began with some discouraging news, germany, the engine room of the euro zone, with a stellar manufacturing sector, saw its growth sharply reduced. >> everybody was expecting that germany will have a very good year. so we are really deeply surprised and concerned about the german figures. >> in the past three months germany only managed growth of not .1%. for the euro zone as a whole, growth is bumping along at just .2%. when chancellor merkel met with president sarkozy, they agreed far reaching changes to the euro zone. there will be much closer economic integration including limits on debt. and although many details are missing, the french president spoke of economic government with an elected president. >> our first proposal is to create a real economic government for the euro zone. it will be made up of heads of state and government that wi
'll be talking about the language that we use on issues related to addiction and recovery. joining us in our panel today are: daphne baille, director of communications, treatment alternatives for safe communities, tasc incorporated, chicago, illinois. dr. john kelly, associate professor in psychiatry, massachusetts general hospital, harvard medical school, boston, massachusetts. lureen mcneil, director, bureau of recovery services, new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services, new york, new york. carlos hardy, director of public affairs, baltimore substance abuse systems, incorporated, baltimore, maryland. john, what role does language play in forming public opinion on addiction and mental health issues? i think language plays a critical role in the way that, after all, it's the, it conveys the meaning of, of what we're trying to express. and so i think it plays a very important role and we should think carefully about the terms that we use because of that. so, why does some language impede the understanding, lureen, of, of our field and the way we refer to people? well i
the rachel maddow show is next. thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. i actually want to start off tonight with a shout out to the newmont mining corporation of denver colorado, exceptional work today, newmont mining corporation, a standout performance, literally, their performance today as an american company stands out. cnbc does this thing every day called a heat map, we talked about this last week, they take the 500 biggest, most actively traded companies on the stock market, the s&p 500, and they create a map of them showing basically how the overall day went for those 500 companies. if the company gets labeled as green, that means they had a good day, their stock price went up, if they are labeled as red, it means their stock price went down. you can see the heat map here, on the left side of the screen. that's what the heat map on cnbc looks like on a typical stock market day. we haven't had a typical stock market day in awhile so we had a go awhile back in time to find this example. again, this is a normal day on the heat map. this is what the heat map looked l
of it will not be as devastating because of the timing of the financing from the developer's expect -- perspective they allow us to delay our funding of it. other times, it would be a significant hit. we have been under dress for the past seven months. during the past seven months, we have not been a bit too many of our housing activity that we would have been. as a result, it will really impact the future pipeline. the work we should have been doing in the past nine months, we are doing to prepare for the housing construction that would have been happening in january 2012. so we will see the bigger impact in the next coming year. i cannot say today that i cannot build housing that will start september 1. a lot of the critical that work should have happened by now -- redevelopment work that should happen by now. supervisor mirkarimi: other cities and counties looking to retain their read development designation. does that mean that the others are going to go away? >> frankly, many do not have the funds. san francisco does not take all our titled tax increment. we only bonn for products that we think will be imm
but in the wrong hands it can be made into a deadly bomb. how the same chemical used in the recent bombing in norway has also been used in deadly attacks in the u.s. in several decades. >>> hello everyone i'm frank somerville. the nation of norway has been in mourning after a self- proclaimed terrorist set off a bomb a week away friday then opened fire at an island youth camp killing a total of 78 people in the two attacks. while the bombing was meant as a diversion, it showed a similar character. breivik made a bomb out of a vehicle and set it off. it's the same type of bomb that the uni bomber used. and it's the same bomb that terrorists used in 1993, they killed six and injured thousands more. it was also the mixture that terrorists used to bomb the u.s. embassies back in 1998. the most recent attempt to set off a fertilizer infused bomb was last year in new york city. a naturalized american citizen parked an suv that was filled with the explosive combination right in the middle of time square. but he failed to detonate it and police not only disarmed the vehicle, they also tracked down
, and they are all and all - -in aw -- in awe over the variety of mediums used. >> i think we have given the city of san francisco and the residents an incredible art collection. it really encourage people to come and visit the new facility, also to see the arts. >> for more information, visit sfartscommis >> as you all know, the german marshall fund vehicle very kind to provide us with this -- has been very kind to provided us with this opportunity to have four of their european experts in bicycle planning, bicycle implementation and bicycle programs and they are experts on all aspects of the bicycle. and here in san francisco, you know, we are at this point trying to after a hiatus of three years because of court-ordered injunctions trying to implement our bike plan. so we all a collective goal, i believe, to increase the environmental and nick sustainability of the world around us that we participate in and especially in san francisco, but we do have a special responsibility because this place provides us with the opportunity that most other places don't. the geometry and geography of san fran
questions about ranked-choice voting, please contact us at: department of elections, city hall, room 48, 1 dr. carlton b. goodlett place, san francisco, california 94102. call us at: 415-554-4375. visit our web site at: wwww >> you can see that it is amazing. you can hear that it is refreshing. you reach for it because it is irresistible. and the taste. simply delicious. san francisco tap water. it engages the senses. 311 is an important resource for all san franciscans. shouldld >> welcome to the department of building inspection brown bag lunch. today we have an extremely special event. we are here at paige glass on mission street in san francisco with mr. ken paige. ken paige has generously invited us into his glass shop and gallery. and the paige glass goes back a long, long time, right? to preearthquake, whichever earthquake -- >> all of them. they're all good. >> when did paige glass start? >> the big one, 1906. >> this happened afs in your family, was paige glass back then? >> well, the 1906 was a very important year, of course, for san francisco, needless to say. the b
think the poster -- i really do believe in trying to cut back on paper and the use of paper. if we are going to have paper, i want to personally moved into a system where i store all my files in documents and try to reduce my own footprint on the environment. i really think a poster would suffice. you walk in. it is prominent enough that it is visible to the eye of the customer walking in the door. i think they will get the message. commissioner yee riley: are you still in favor of the penalty? >> there would be no penalty associated with it. the poster would have to go up, and that would be it. >> how did you in force this and how to mitigate the potential hazard to your health? president o'brien: how do we force them to put the posters up without a penalty? >> their or pun -- there are penalties for not posting minimum wage. i have a lot of postings and i think that all have penalties. >> here is another posting. i think it is getting ridiculous. you're going to have a whole wall of postings for every little thing. commissioner yee riley: there are laws if you do not post the sun
olague: can you give us your name? ok. >> [unintelligible] that is my comment. president olague: is there additional public comment? public comment is closed. commissioner miguel: this gives me an opportunity to let everyone know that all the material says so, people don't always understand that all of these applications go to the department of health for clearance. prior to coming to us. they have to qualify for the federal guidelines. i realize there is a lot of concern in the community, and i appreciate that concern. but the place to voice that concern is that the department of health and the health commission. not here. it starts there, and that is where, in my opinion, have those concerns should be voiced. in particular, you're looking at installation that has been approved by a hospital. a medical office building. even the city, to some extent has done something similar. there is a parking garage directly across the street that services the general hospital and has two largest air towers. these structures are multiple and test. the hospital and the city health department h
. brought to you by the us department of health and human services. they tell me i was there but i don't remember. i don't know where i really was. i do not know what i had for breakfast. i do not know who won the game. i don't recognize this man. if you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, there is a solution: recovery. call 1-800-662-help for information and for hope. through treatment my life's a whole lot brighter now. brought to you by the us department of health and human services. [music] language is such an important part of communicating with people what addiction, mental health disorders and recovery is all about. a lot of people have stereotypes about what these, what these disorders are all about and they're not accurate. and so using language can really help people understand what those disorders are about, what they mean, and how people are living successfully in recovery today. [music] our stories have power was the training that was developed by faces and voices of recovery in conjunction with funding from samhsa. people in the recovery comm
these, what these disorders are all about and they're not accurate. and so using language can really help people understand what those disorders are about, what they mean, and how people are living successfully in recovery today. [music] our stories have power was the training that was developed by faces and voices of recovery in conjunction with funding from samhsa. people in the recovery community have been looking for a long time for language that they can use to really describe what it is that they've been through and what it is that they're trying to advocate for. so faces and voices of recovery has used the training as an opportunity create a video, a dvd, that can be you know sent around the country, can be put on the internet, can really be used in trainings and in workshops around the country so that more people have the terminology that's necessary to communicate our, our message to the broadest possible audience. there are three major sections of the dvd. the first is a 90- minute training video which takes you through faces and voices of recovery's media and message train
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